Wrongful death in Florida

If you have suffered the loss of a loved one then our heart goes out to you. We understand that it can be a harrowing time and you will face many different emotions and challenges over the coming months and beyond. As the leading West Palm Beach Wrongful Death Lawyer we are more than a lawyer. We help you to understand the legal process that you may be about to undertake but we also provide support to you at this difficult time.

Here are some of the challenges that you might face in the near future. Remember that we have been through this before with others so we can help you get your head around these challenges and start to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

The funeral

The average funeral in Florida currently costs over $10,000. But the cost can be a small factor in the pain that comes from having to arrange and attend the funeral of a loved one.  The passing of someone unexpectedly can have a profound effect on all those around them. The funeral can often make it feel very real.

Loss of financial support

If you were financially dependent on the deceased then your finances can cause a real issue at this time. When there are financial pressures from other areas it can be worrying to face up to life without the income of a loved one.

Pain and suffering

They say that time is a great healer. But is does take a huge amount of time for you to even start to get to grips with the unexpected loss of a loved one, especially if it was a wrongful death. You may need some support such as counseling or medical care to help get your life back on track.

Loss of a companion

Losing someone that you shared your life with is especially hard. People who live together provide support for each other, run a household together and often raise a family together. To lose the person that was always there when you needed them will change your life forever.

Loss of benefits

If your spouse or parent was wrongfully killed then you may not only lose their income. The benefits such as health insurance or any retirement benefits may also go on their passing. There is a financial expense at this time that adds to all the others.

Hospital expenses

Many people need urgent medical care before they die. Ambulance costs, medical care and hospital appointments may have all preceded their death and now they all need to be paid. As an experienced West Palm Beach Wrongful Death Lawyer we know how all of this can add up.

Legal costs

If you want to take legal action then you will need to hire a professional and experienced attorney that specializes in wrongful death claims. Don’t worry because they can help you look at all the other costs associated with a wrongful death in your claim.

If you need a West Palm Beach Wrongful Death Lawyer then contact us today. We are always here to answer any questions, provide support and help you.