Unacceptable Rehab Treatment Centers

In South Florida there are amply recovery and rehab facilities popping up left and right. Unfortunately not all rehabs are created equally. While some perform wonderful jobs, others are just outright creating medical malpractice and/or abuse upon their patients.

It is not uncommon for people who are struggling with the disease of drug and alcohol addiction to spend upwards of $45,000 for a 30 day stay in a treatment center. Often times they relapse shortly after they have been discharged.

In other instances treatment centers have been known to discharge their patients when they run out of money or their insurance benefits run out. In a recent case in West Palm Beach, a treatment center discharged a young lady who was their under court order. The court determined that she needed to spend at least 90 days in a treatment facility; however the center discharged her well short of that time period without notification to the court or the patient’s family. Several days later, she relapsed and died of an overdose.

There was a recent study that was performed by the Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse that found many treatment centers are not using the most up to date or completely unscientific methods for treating their patients. The study went on to conclude that often times a relapse is not due to a defect in character but could be attributed to medical malpractice.

The book Inside Rehab which was recently published has gone as far to claim that many treatment centers are founded on myths. The book goes on to suggest that the best course in staying sober are to commit to a lifetime of self-help group therapy along with regular meetings with a counselor that is trained in addiction recovery.

In some cases such as the example above it is obvious that the treatment center has created a gross violation of medical malpractice. Other cases can be a little more difficult and complicated. With that being said, medical malpractice of a drug and alcohol rehab center occurs when the health care provider provides a standard of treatment which is below the industry standard.

There have also been allegations of outright physical abuse and rape in treatment centers in West Palm Beach. When a person is in detox from their drug of choice they are in a weakened mental and physical state. If you have been the victim of physical abuse or rape at a treatment center you need to come forward and seek justice.

As an advocate for people seeking recovery, I am here to help you. I am a rehab recovery lawyer that will fight for you. Whether you have been abused, rapped, or feel that you have sunken a lot of your hard earned money into a useless treatment program, you may have a claim against the treatment center. Call our office today for a free confidential consultation to see how we can fight for you and recover compensation for your damages.