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If slipping and falling resulted in your injury, we may be able to help.

For those that are not educated in matters of personal injury law, they hear the term “slip and fall” and assume that this is always some type of minor injury that litigious individuals exploit for financial gain. The truth of the matter is that these slip and fall injuries are often quite serious in nature; and they do occur with high frequency. This is particular the case in West Palm Beach and the surrounding South Florida metropolitan. We have busy streets and shopping centers, a large population of elderly citizens, therefore slip and fall accidents are bound to occur.

The term “slip and fall” refers to a form of premises liability law stating that property owners may be liable for injuries that occur on the premises. Typically, a property owner is liable for an person’s injury if the accident’s cause could have been reasonably remedied — but was not, and resulted in injury. For example, if a spilled jug of cooking oil remains on the floor for a prolonged time without the attention of the property owner, and someone proceeds to walk through the slippery substance and falls, then the owner will be deemed responsible.

West Palm Beach Premises Liability Law

Slip and fall accidents don’t only occur in grocery stores, either. The most common cases in West Palm Beach involve injuries incurred in parking lots, poorly maintained stairways, and unsafe flooring conditions. This might seem like any time a person falls and hurts themselves, it is automatically the business owner’s responsibility — but this is not true. In order for a Florida business owner to be held responsible, it must first be determined that he or she owed the injured person a duty of care, and failed to take reasonable action to fulfill that duty. This responsibility of property holders to maintain a safe premises is the foundation of slip and fall law.

If you have been injured on business premises in South Florida, whether it be a public or private place, and you believe it was due to the owner’s failure to properly maintain the area’s safety, then you may have a strong slip and fall case. To find out if you’re eligible for injury compensation, call us today for a free consultation with a West Palm Beach accident lawyer.