Product Liability

As a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer, I am always sad to see one of these cases come across my desk. However, I know that by taking on the complex nature of them that I will be doing a wonderful work for future users to come. By that I mean that when a manufacturer produces a product that is not safe for sale, but goes on to market that product they are putting all of us in harms way. By holding these companies to strict safety standards and making them pay for defective products we will ensure that all future users of their products are safe.

Think for a minute of all of the product liability lawsuits over the past that have occurred to give us safer tires, safer cars, safer baby cribs, safer food, and numerous other products that we use on a daily basis. If West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers such as myself did not get involved and hold these companies to higher standards we would all be much worse off.

When a product liability lawsuit is initiated many people think that we will just sue the manufacturer of that product. That could not be further from the truth. We will go after each and every person and business that is responsible for bringing that product to market. That includes the manufacturer, the sales representatives, the brokers, the distributor, and the retail store. Some of these may be dropped, others may settle, and some may be fought all the way to the jury. Ultimately it is our goal to see to it that the people that profited by bringing a poor product to market are held to answer for their careless disregard for the public safety.