Premises Liability

People that own property have an obligation to ensure that their property is safe for people to visit. When they fail to provide safe premises for their guests, they could very easily be opening themselves up to a premises liability lawsuit. As a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer I see these types of cases all of the time and it is a shame. They could be prevented if the property owner would take some responsibility and maintain the property in a safe manner for their guests. If you become injured through no fault of your own while on the property of someone else it is important that you contact our office right away to ensure that you are made whole from the negligence that someone else caused.

The same holds true for business owners. When a restaurant or shopkeeper does not maintain a safe environment for their guests, they are asking for their patrons to be hurt. This is unacceptable and needless. A common example is when a restaurant does not maintain their floors properly. Because of all of the grease in most restaurants, if they do not use the proper anti-grease mopping detergent and the floor gets wet, it will become very slippery. This is a recipe for an injury of their guests. Another example would be in businesses that are in known crime areas. Businesses have an active responsibility to ensure that their patrons are safe while in their businesses and on their property. If they do not have their property properly lighted or provide security guards, there is a potential for a premises liability claim should someone get robbed, hurt, or even raped while on their property. If you think that you may have a premises liability claim, please call our West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer right away to see what rights you may have.