Medical Malpractice

As a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer I stay abreast to all of the news stories and public policy that would and could affect medical malpractice lawsuits. While there is no doubt that putting a maximum payout on medical malpractice lawsuit claims would either lower our overall insurance premiums or allow physicians to earn more money each year, it is my contention that it would greatly reduce the overall health care that we receive.

When any of us go to the doctor’s office we put our health and our faith in the medical team that is diagnosing and treating us. That medical team owes us their undivided attention and expertise and when they fail to deliver on this, they must be held to answer for their careless and often fatal mistakes. Remember when a trained medical team makes a mistake people’s lives can be altered forever. This is unacceptable and they must answer for their careless errors. One of the most common claims that is currently happening is the failure to diagnose cancer in a patient. Often times when a medical team misses this is due to their rush in seeing as many patients in a day as possible. When this happens and the patient is finally properly diagnosed it may be too late to treat or the new treatment is much harsher than the original plan would have been. Of course there are the cases that we are all familiar with where a surgeon did not read the chart properly and amputated the wrong foot, hand, or even operated on the wrong organ such as the right kidney instead of the left kidney. These are careless mistakes that should never happen and would not happen if the medical team took the necessary time and steps to ensure proper patient care.

If you have been injured, hurt, or have a love one that has had a fatal accident due to the wreck lace actions of your medical team please call our West Palm Beach medical malpractice lawyer today. We offer a confidential and free case evaluation in order to review your hardship and offer our guidance as to whether or not you have a potential claim going forward.