If I make a personal injury claim do I have to appear in court?

As the leading choice of Personal Injury Attorney West Palm Beach we are asked this question all the time. People are concerned about their case going to court because it looks from the outside that it might be a stressful situation.

But not all cases go to court. You should know a little about the anatomy of a personal injury case so you understand what this might mean to you. We work as the top Personal Injury Attorney West Palm Beach with claims all the time so we know how the process works. You may not. Here are the three stages of a personal injury claim.

Before we file the lawsuit

In this stage we are gathering evidence. All of the information needed is pulled together to support your case. We look at any police reports, medical documents and witness statements related to the claim. We also get in touch with your insurance company and work out all the factors involved in a claim. For example, if you require long-term medical care for the injury you have suffered then we need to take this into account with the amount of time it will take to settle the lawsuit.

After we file the lawsuit

This is the point where the defendant is formally notified that you are making a claim against them. Like you, they will have appointed a lawyer to look after their affairs in this matter. They will look at all the facts and advise their client how to proceed. Many cases are settled at this point. With good evidence gathering, we are able to present a strong case to the defendant and their attorney.

Many will decide at this point to settle out of court to avoid the extra costs and hassle that this entails. We would say in our experience that more than half the cases we represent end up being settled out of court in this way. This does take a lot of the potential stress out of your claim. We will negotiate a fee on your behalf and then talk this over with you to see if it is acceptable. We will recommend a course of action but the final decision is down to you.

Going to court

The simple fact is that some cases will go to court for one reason or another. Some defendants may think they have a strong case while others are stubborn and want to plough ahead with their defence. But don’t worry if this happens. We will be with you every step of the way. We are experienced trial attorneys and we will help fight your corner. We take the time to explain the process to you and make any court proceedings as stress-free as possible.

If you need a Personal Injury Attorney West Palm Beach then get in touch with our professional team today. They can answer any questions you have about the above or anything else to do with your personal injury claim.