Florida’s most common personal injury claims

We are the number one Personal Injury Lawyer West Palm Beach and we are here to help people who have received an injury through no fault of their own. Personal injury claims need to be handled by an experienced lawyer to ensure that you are represented fully. Speak to us if you have any questions about your personal injury claim.

Here are the most common personal injury claims in Florida, and we have helped people in all of these situations get the most from their claim.

Unsafe premises can cause injury at any time. The owner is responsible to ensure that the maintenance of any premises to a high standard and in a safe condition. This applies to shopping malls, places of work and public areas. These injuries can have a long term effect.

Slips, trips and falls are often the consequence of unsafe conditions that can arise from poor maintenance or a change in the weather, for example. Surfaces need to be free from tip hazards and kept safe underfoot. Slips trips and falls can happen in just about any situation or location.

Dog bites are becoming more common in personal injury claims. We are experts in dealing with claims for dog bites. Speak to us as the leading Personal Injury Lawyer West Palm Beach if someone else’s dog has bitten you and need advice on how to proceed with a claim.

Product liability is something that the public need protection from. An injury from a product when using it in the prescribed manner is the fault of the manufacturer. If you have suffered in this way then you will need an expert lawyer to look after your rights.

Vehicle accidents are a common cause of personal injury claim in Florida. If a driver hits you whether you are driving a car, as a pedestrian or on a bike then you may want to file a lawsuit against them. Drunk drivers or drivers under the influence of drugs can cause life-changing injuries.

Accidents at work can stop you from working or cause health issues that last for many years. Your employers need to provide a safe working environment for you and your colleagues. With many companies looking to keep their expenditure down they can overlook some basic safety principles. Accidents are work are far more common that people think.

Injury from medical malpractice is a sensitive area. While medical professionals are trying to help you, their actions or omissions can sometimes cause far-reaching issues. Medical malpractice happens on a regular basis as each doctor may see thousands upon thousands of patients every year. Their time is stretched. If you have concerns about your treatment from any medical professional then get in touch with us to discuss.

If you need help with a personal injury in West Palm Beach then come and speak to us. We are the best Personal Injury Lawyer West Palm Beach and we understand the process. This means we get the best results for you.