How to choose a personal injury lawyer that is right for you

As the leading choice of West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer we know that finding the right lawyer makes a big difference to the whole process. This is someone that you are going to have to rely on throughout the lawsuit so you must start with one that you have faith in and feel comfortable with. Here is our guide to the steps you need to take to end up with the right personal injury lawyer –

Think about what you need. There are different types of personal injuries and lawyers that specialize in each of these. Take the time to understand the support that you might need through the process. This will help understand what you are looking for.

List what makes a good personal injury lawyer. You want an idea in your head of what will make a good lawyer. Once you know what you want then you can think about who might fit those criteria. Consider the following –

  • The experience they have
  • Whether they are a good negotiator
  • Their reputation
  • Their knowledge
  • Any trial experience they have
  • How close they are to your home or work
  • Their disciplinary record
  • Their winning record

Once you have an idea of what you want from a personal injury lawyer then you can carry out the research to find one.

Speak to your friends, family and colleagues. They may have personal experience in this area and tell you of a lawyer to use – or even one to avoid.  As the best West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer we get much of our work from personal recommendation.

Conduct online research. Get some ideas from friends and family but you should also do some online research as well. If you have an idea about what other people say after using a lawyer then you start to build a picture about how good they are.

Put a list together of your top choices. After conducting your online research you will have a list of potential lawyers that you feel can represent you. There are loads of choices so try to be ruthless and get this list down to no more than a handful of candidates.

Speak to your list. Nothing beats picking up the phone to get a feel of how well you could work with someone. Speak to the lawyers on your list and see how you feel about them.

Arrange a meeting with the best lawyers. You may want to cull your list of candidates even further after the telephone conversations. This is the stage to meet face to face with the 2 or 3 lawyers that are at the top of the pile. Ask them questions about your case and see how much they know.

Make a decision. After the research above it is time to choose the personal injury lawyer that is right for you. You can proceed safely in the knowledge that you have vetted the candidates and made a decision based on your research.

We are the number one West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer and we are here to help people get the most from a personal injury claim. If you have a claim that you want to make then call us today and find out how we help people.