Car accident pain and suffering – how can you document this?

As the number one choice for Car Accident Attorney West Palm Beach we know that a part of any claim will include the pain and suffering that you have experienced.  It is a traumatic experience that can have an impact on your emotional wellbeing for some time. Part of the healing process is to receive compensation for your emotional pain and suffering.

Physical pain is easy to prove. We take a look at your medical records and they show –

  • Examinations by qualified professionals
  • X-rays or other scans that show injuries
  • Details of any surgery or procedure you have been through
  • Photographs of your injuries

So we can show a file of evidence that details the physical injuries, how you have suffered and the way that it was treated. But dealing with emotional injuries isn’t always as easy to document.

As an experienced Car Accident Attorney West Palm Beach we know how important it is to seek help for any emotional distress you feel as the result of a car accident. This is for two main reasons –

  1. You need to seek medical advice to get better
  2. Having a record of the help you sought will help prove your emotional suffering in a claim

But how can you provide this evidence?

This is best explained by way of a few examples –

  • If you felt depressed after a car accident (and it is only natural to do so) then you may need the help of a psychiatrist or psychologist to get through the depression.
  • If your relationships at work broke down as a result of the way you were feeling after an auto accident then your colleagues can write statements that explain the way you have changed.
  • If the thoughts of the accident caused you to have trouble sleeping then a prescription for sleeping pills will show that you needed and sought help.

Invisible symptoms are difficult to prove, so if you need help to get over an emotional aspect of the auto accident make sure that you get that professional help. All of this can be tied together with a narrative statement that explains how you felt and how it affected your life.

You don’t have to suffer in silence so speak to your doctor about the way you are feeling and find out what help there is available to you. Emotional issues don’t usually go away on their own so you may need some assistance to get you back into your normal routine. Make sure you get your life back to normal as soon as you can.

As the leading Car Accident Attorney West Palm Beach we can help you with your claim following an auto accident. And having a good record of your emotional pain and suffering is part of the way we can help you to have a claim that represents the true pain you have felt. Speak to us early in the process to see how you can keep adequate records.