What can be claimed under the Florida Wrongful Death Act?

If a loved one suffers a wrongful death then it can be a harrowing time. As well as the grief of an unexpected death there is the fact that the party responsible has to be dealt with. As the number one West Palm Beach Wrongful Death Attorney we understand the Florida Wrongful Death Act and the implications it has for any claim you wish to make. We are here to guide and support you through the process of a wrongful death claim. So it is important to understand what can be claimed. We outline it here –

Damages payable to the survivors of the deceased

The people that were dependant on your loved one will have this support taken away from them in an instant. It isn’t just the financial support that someone gives that will be missed. There are many people in someone’s’ life that they support in some way, such as –

  • Their children
  • Their spouse
  • Their parents
  • Their other blood relatives

All of these people are entitled to make a claim under the Florida Wrongful Death Act if they have suffered a loss of support or services. Support is defined as contributions of money or in kind that help a person. Services are defined as tasks regularly performed by your loved one that will now put an extra expense on a survivor. These are often tasks of a household nature.

The rules surrounding wrongful death can be quite complex so get in touch with us and we will take the time to talk to you and answer any questions you have. As the leading West Palm Beach Wrongful Death Attorney this is all part of the service.

The survivors can claim certain damages from the person or company responsible for the death. Once negligence is proven, the survivors can look for financial redress for –

  • The value of lost support and services both now and in the future
  • The emotional suffering and pain felt
  • The expenses associated with the funeral of your loved one

The damages payable to the survivors is the larger part of any claim.

Damages paid to the estate

A smaller consideration is anyone who may have been a beneficiary of the estate of the deceased. In many cases these people will be the same as the survivors outlined above but in some instances there may be other people who suffer a loss because of a wrongful death. The Florida Wrongful Death Act places limits on the amount that can be claimed under both sections but the limits are more stringent in relation to the estate.

As a professional and caring West Palm Beach Wrongful Death Attorney we know that you will need a lot of support when making a wrongful death claim. That is why we spend our time making sure you are as comfortable as possible through the process. We deal with the stressful side of things so you can go about trying to piece your life back together. It won’t be easy but having your financial future secures will help you to focus on what is important.